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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Rebekah FoxRebekah Fox
Passed first time
My time learning to drive with Jane has been nothing short of fantastic. She was always patient, supportive, and created a comfortable environment for me to learn to drive. I felt confident in myself on my test day as I knew that if she felt that I could do it, I could! I never felt uncomfortable, and any issues I had we found a way to rectify it together making my driving lessons feel very tailored to me and my needs. She was always encouraging and made me want to push myself to face my fears behind the wheel. Jane encouraged me to write a reflection of my drive in my LDC workbook after every session. We then went through the previous one before each lesson, helping us to decide our focus for the day. By reflecting straight after lessons, I was able to pinpoint specific areas that I wanted to improve in and read about them in the book. The workbook really helped to maintain my progress as I could always see an area to improve upon. Overall, I couldn’t recommend Jane highly enough. She’s taught me everything I need to know and more. I will miss our lessons together as they were so enjoyable!